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The Foundation

Excellence and inclusivity have been at the heart of the Oakham School philosophy since Robert Johnson inspired those around him to give generously to the important cause of building and funding Oakham School in 1584.

In recent times so much of the School’s development has been due to generous philanthropic support; the Smallbone Library, Mehra Faculty of Science, Jerwood School of Design, BAF Smith Pavilion, Wilson Pavilion and now the Faculty of Social Sciences were all made possible by inspiring gifts.  Each of them are very much part of everyday life at the School and have been instrumental in creating an environment and atmosphere in which Oakhamians achieve so much, which is something, we are very proud of. 
Whilst the School has excellent financial management, fee income alone does not allow for additional capital developments, or the funds to support the School’s vision to have a minimum of two fully funded SpringBoard Bursary students in each cohort.  We currently have two SpringBoard Scholars at the School. 
In the Development Office, we ensure that there is a culture of giving amongst the School community and support the School in delivering its vision.  This is a very exciting time, with the launch of our £4 million campaign.  We aim to raise £2 million in phase one, so that building work can commence on a much-needed Performing Arts Centre and so that we can provide funding for an additional three SpringBoard Bursary students.  It is very much part of the School’s philosophy to offer the opportunity to experience an Oakham education to the most deserving young people, whatever their circumstances, who go on to further enrich the inclusive community and atmosphere of this unique School.
 Your support, large or small, will make a huge difference.  Your generous donations have already helped us to achieve so much.  Please make a donation by clicking here.  Thank you, in advance for your generosity.