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Performing Arts

These are exciting times and this is the most significant development for the Performing Arts at Oakham School in over 30 years.

 Nigel Lashbrook, Headmaster

The arts have a strong tradition at Oakham School, embracing excellence, enthusiasm, professionalism and participation, which are all integral to the culture of the School.

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the Music School are the hub of the performing arts programme at Oakham; in them,Oakhamians, for many years, have produced performances of remarkable quality, maturity and professionalism. It is not only within the School where the impact of our Music and Drama is felt, but also beyond the grounds of the School, where local performances help to embed the School within Rutland. Further afield, overseas choral tours across Europe and North America, as well as regular Drama performances at the Edinburgh Fringe, enable us to continue to grow our reputation nationally and internationally.

The demand on the QET and the Music School, is ever growing. From the diverse Drama productions that take place, to the 15,000 individual music lessons which are taught throughout the year, the need for a Performing Arts Centre is now very real, in order to ensure this important part of life at Oakham can be maintained and continue to grow.

The purchase of land, adjacent to the School campus, has enabled a design which integrates new buildings into the current Drama and Music School facilities. The centre has been designed to provide two areas that have a distinct focus for both Drama and Music.

Our ambition is to raise £1.4 million in phase one of a £2 million campaign so that the building work can commence.

Please help us to continue the positive impact that the performing arts have on Oakham School for many years to come.