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Clipsham offers a home from home for about 70 day boys, aged between 13–17 years. The House ethos, developed by the boys themselves, is based on three principles:

  • Challenge yourself
  • Respect each other
  • Celebrate effort and success.

Tim Dixon-Dale

Housemaster of Clipsham

Together with my highly experienced Senior Tutor, Patrick Latham, and wider tutor team, we celebrate all the different talents and interests of our boys and support them in their endeavours. We nurture great academics, actors, musicians, artists and sportsmen – but above all Clipsham is a House where everyone is respected and treated as an individual. By encouraging our boys to be organised, resilient and to have self-belief, we allow them to have the confidence to challenge themselves in all aspects of school life.

Clipsham is a House where everyone is respected and treated as an individual.

The House is open every day from 7.30am–7.30pm, allowing flexibility for working families, with staff on hand to help the boys as they go about their busy lives. Our aim is to offer our boys exactly the same experience as a boarder but without the beds!

Our position in Schanschieffs means that the boys have easy access to all playing fields and we are just a short walk from the main hub of the School. We have excellent facilities for all four year groups, including a common room, kitchen and study rooms, not to mention the famous Clipsham terrace for outdoor events! All pupils in the House have their own desk to work at and they also have the option of using the House library and quiet room, or the computer room to complete their prep.

Vital to the smooth running of the House is the student leadership team. Carefully selected after a formal application and interview, the Prefects and my Head of House co-ordinate much that goes on within the Clipshamite community. They are responsible for organising our House families and run the diverse social events and fundraising activities that take place throughout the year. These range from formal dinners, such as the Form 6 Guest Night at the Finch’s Arms, to the renowned Clipsham burger-making competition, to the hotly contested interhouse competitions.

History of the House

  • Opened in 1997, Clipsham is one of four Middle School Day Houses, which together form the part of the school campus known as Schanschieffs.
  • In common with the other Houses in Schanschieffs, the House derives its name from a local village: Clipsham, where former trustee Sir David Davenport-Handley lived. The stone from his Clipsham Quarry Company has been used to construct many of the School’s buildings.

About the Housemaster

I joined Oakham in 2007 as a Business Studies and Economics teacher after having previously worked in Asset Management within the Financial Services industry. I was a Resident Tutor for three years in Wharflands House before joining Clipsham as the Senior Tutor in September 2011. I am keen on all forms of sport and have coached the senior rugby and hockey teams. My other interests include snowboarding, cricket, and downhill mountain biking. I am married to Sarah and we have two young daughters.