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    The second most widely spoken language in Europe, the main language of Germany, as well as an official language of Austria and Switzerland, and sharing common roots with English, German is an excellent choice of language to study. In addition to being a useful language in the world of business and technology – Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world – German is also the medium through which some of the greatest works of music, literature and science have been created.

    The German Department's team of 6 staff are great enthusiasts for both the language and the countries in which it is spoken, which ensures German is taught in a dynamic and fun way throughout the School. All members of the Department have spent considerable time in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (some are natives of the countries) and know a huge amount about the German language, people and culture. Our well-resourced Department is further enhanced by our native speaker conversation class teacher.

    Pupils can begin studying German in Form 2 and take the subject right through to A-level and the International Baccalaureate. It is a popular subject, with over 40 students studying it in the Upper School.

    To develop our pupils’ cultural and linguistic knowledge beyond the classroom, we run Middle School trips to Munich and in Form 3 there is an exchange program with the Werner Heisenberg Gymnasium in Weinheim, Germany.

    Enthusiasts can also enjoy the activities of the German Society, which is aimed at the students in Forms 6 and 7, providing cultural enrichment outside the usual curriculum.